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Give Your Landscape Some Character With Retaining Walls in Terrigal

Not enough space in your sloped landscape to build a patio? It’s hard to decorate a landscape when your property is built on a slope, which is why we recommend installing retaining walls on your Terrigal property.  

Our Services

Concrete Sleeper Retaining Walls Central Coast

Concrete Sleeper Retaining Walls

Concrete sleeper retaining walls are an excellent choice if your main priority is to ensure longevity. Made from steel-reinforced concrete, these are sure to deliver excellent utility for years without the need for extensive maintenance. 

Concrete Retaining Walls Central Coast

Concrete Retaining Walls

These are a to-go solution for many Terrigal property owners. Concrete is a durable material that needs little maintenance. Plus, it offers more flexibility for customisation, like when you need curved or rounded retaining walls.

Sandstone Retaining Walls Central Coast

Sandstone Retaining Walls

For those with a preference for natural materials, sandstone retaining walls are a long-lasting option that contrasts with your lush, green landscape. We make these using evenly cut sandstone blocks, with each one having a distinct texture and colour. 

Timber Retaining Walls Central Coast

Timber Retaining Walls

If you have a taste for warm and natural tones, timber retaining walls do an excellent job of blending into the landscape. Our walls are made from sustainably sourced Australian timber, and with adequate maintenance, they can last well over ten years.  

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Benefits of Retaining Walls in Terrigal

Better Landscaping Opportunities

For sloped landscapes, the lack of flat surfaces makes it harder to plant trees, shrubs, and local plants. With retaining walls, you can build planter terraces that give new opportunities to enhance your outdoor space. 

Lower Risk of Sinkholes

Retaining walls can control storm runoff, thereby preventing water from piling up under the surface. This, in turn, reduces the risk of sinkholes that could potentially damage your foundation. 

Add More Usable Space To Your Yard

Besides holding the soil in place, your retaining walls can also allow the creation of flat surfaces. Besides planters, these can also give you enough space to build a patio. 

Why Choose Us

Here’s why we’re the job choice for property owners in Terrigal: 

  • We’re Qualified: We have the right licensing and insurance coverage, to build retaining walls in compliance with the current regulatory standards.
  • We Communicate: When we start a project, we make sure to communicate each detail so that you’re updated on our progress as we go. 
  • We’re On Time: No matter the size or scale of the job, we do our best to employ efficient techniques so that you get quality results on time.
Sandstone Retaining Walls Central Coast

If you own property in Terrigal and need reliable retaining wall services, we have the expertise and qualifications to help. We also serve the surrounding suburbs of the central coast area, including Woy Woy, Sam Reno, and Umina Beach. 

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